2015 Jun 26 London 3 LJT 42

A Writing Life

In the farthest corner of my house, in a room very occasionally used as a guestroom, there is a box that rests high on a shelf in the closet. In the box, thanks to my mother, is everything I have ever written from the time I could hold a crayon through my senior year in […]

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Life Between the Pages

I was twelve years old when I first read The Magnificent Barb written by Dana Faralla. As so often happens with great characters and young readers, the Barb and the Fitzgerald’s instantly became my friends, and my desire to be part of their world was closely connected to my girlhood longing for my own horse […]

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The Lone Writer

Recently, I wrote an article about some of the students I work with. I tutor writing and English at the local state college, and since I love the work, I was inspired to reflect my feelings on paper. When it was published, I proudly emailed it to my supervisors. Both of them took time out […]

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Why I Prefer Writing over Talking

I am a lousy conversationalist. Really, I am. This assessment is often difficult for my friends to accept since I am a people person and can strike up a conversation with anyone; so, make no mistake, no one is safe from my own personal brand of social lunacy. Neighbors, coworkers, even unsuspecting passersby are all […]

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How Not to Be a Writer

I was thrilled, after a very scary year of unemployment, to be hired as a part-time writing tutor at a local community college.  The job was a perfect fit for me, and I felt right at home. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to manage my time and deal with this new commitment  on top of my […]

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Christmas Every Month

I am obsessed with Microsoft Sticky Notes. In fact, my desktop is so littered, I can barely see my icons. Sticky notes have replaced the messier paper version that organized the daily mess of my life; without them, insanity and chaos reign! Each sticky note is personalized with a unique color. My general “To Do” […]

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If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.”

Isaac Asimov